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Sunpatiens:  Red or Rose, 4.5" Pot

Sunpatiens: Red or Rose, 4.5" Pot

 Common name SunPatiens®
 Botanical Name Impatiens x hybrida SunPatiens®
 Plant Type Annual
 Mature Size 16-34 in. tall, 14-21 in. wide
 Sun Exposure Full sun, partial shade
 Soil Type  Loamy, sandy, silt, moist but well-drained
 Soil pH  Neutral to acidic (5.8 to 6.2)
 Bloom Time Spring, summer, fall
 Flower ColorRed, pink, orange, purple, white
 Hardiness Zones 10-12, USDA

    Spring 2023 Categories

    Flowering/Foliage Plants

    Hanging Baskets/Planters 

    Vegetables & Herbs

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